Don’t Pin Your Hopes on Idiots

Title: Don’t Pin Your Hopes on Idiots.

On this vlog, I share with you my personal experience making bad decisions in business, relating to the people whom I chose to work with, to associate with, to be around and to rely on. Once you begin to place your hopes on people who are ill-equipped to deliver, you will realize the pain that it causes.

One of the biggest lessons that I learned, is having confidence in yourself to do the needed things for your business, will take you farther than you realize, and will give you the necessary know how to choose better people to associate with.

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I am Millian Quinteros, aka “Producer Millian” from Las Vegas, NV….I am a Voice Artist, AudioBook Narrator, Podcast Producer and consummate SOLOPreneur.

This VLOG is dedicated to life, advice, experiences, information and tips & tricks on living and thriving as a SOLOpreneur in the business world. Business, Life, Food, Faith, Book Readings and whatever other snarky thought may cross my mind. Join me on this journey, and I will give you a completely unique perspective on business and life.