Producer Millian VLOG

Title: “Hi, I’m Producer Millian”

On this vlog, I introduce myself and talk about switching over from YouTube to Vidme, and documenting the start of this journey. Please leave any comments, questions or messages below, and please follow if you like the concept.

My Vidme Channel:

I am Millian Quinteros, aka “Producer Millian” from Las Vegas, NV….I am a Voice Artist, AudioBook Narrator, Podcast Producer and consummate SOLOPreneur.

This VLOG is dedicated to life, advice, experiences, information and tips & tricks on living and thriving as a SOLOpreneur in the business world. Business, Life, Food, Faith, Book Readings and whatever other snarky thought may cross my mind. Join me on this journey, and I will give you a completely unique perspective on business and life.