This Coffee is Pronounced, “Delicious!”

I REALLY love coffee. I love coffee in all forms, and cooked in all ways; a French Press being my favorite. Over the last few years, I have become a coffee snob of the worst kind. I used to be fine with pre-ground Yuban in a can, but modern day, that just nauseates me. I have become that guy….I used to be fine with pre-ground Yuban in a can, but modern day, that just nauseates me. I have become that guy….
The guy with the french presses, coffee tools, and now a new coffee bar in my kitchen (Picture background above). In our house, we had a flood, and while rebuilding the kitchen, decided to add a new set of cabinets, counters and now, the family coffee bar.

Even though I tend to be a coffee snob, once in a while I find a store brand or an unknown player in the field that is really good. I also like to try coffee with the weirdest names like:  Nicaraguan Cordillero, Tanzanian Peaberry, Guatemalen Huehuetenango and now this oddball name, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Part of the experience for me is to learn how to pronounce the names of these odd coffees, and then to be really pretentious and work these names into conversations; especially with casual coffee drinkers.  Not for any real reason, except to try and make myself seem more interesting than I really am. I guess it’s an overflow of general boredom, to try and find ways to amuse yourself. This is what I tend to do. Dont judge, it’s actually kinda fun 🙂

So as I write this blog entry, I am drinking my second large cup of this brew, which I can’t really pronounce at the moment. For the time, I am surprisingly going to call it “Delicious” and try to find inspiration to get to work today.

Perfect coffee should be the color of He-Man, and should be made in a french press for best effect. Just a tip from your friendly, neighborhood Producer Millian.

Love coffee as much as I do?  Have a favorite type, brand or brew?  Send me a message with suggestions, tips or new things to try!!


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