The new Safemoon cryptocurrency is making tons of waves these days. Some info is good and some info is bad. What everyone seems to be overlooking is that fact, that human psychology plays a huge part in investing, and specifically the cryptocurrency market. FOMO and FUD rule the day unfortunately.

On this episode, I provide to you my psychological analysis of the Safemoon community, the team and how you need to conduct yourself to be successful not only in this crypto space, but in life in general. Safemoon is risky, Crypto is risky, and in fact, this whole life is risky. Much like you, I am doing my best to check out of this Matrix, and be free from this madness in our world.

Listen in to hear my take on the current projects, the best creators to follow, how to position yourself mentally, and what happens when and if Safemoon does indeed, reach the moon. Please direct conversation and messages to Telegram at MillianHQ and let’s discuss. Thanks for checking this out, and enjoy the chat.




Hi, I am Millian Quinteros, AKA “Producer Millian.” I am a voice over artist, audiobook narrator, podcast producer and audio engineer.

I have several websites dedicated to audio arts, information, audio blogs, interviews and all sorts of sounds. Thank you for visiting this site, and I hope the information you hear, helps to enrich your life.

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