Audiobook and Voice Over Rates

How to Calculate Audio Book & Voice Over Rates

Thank you for considering me for your audio project. The pricing system for audio books is very straightforward and simple, and includes recording, editing, mixing and mastering into a finished product. I can provide WAV, Mp3 and many other file formats, as needed. Every project may vary, so these rates are only rough estimates. Please contact me for final pricing and a custom quote for your project.


Determine the word count for the voice over project using software such as Microsoft Word. Once you have a final word count of the entire work, please use the chart below to estimate a final cost.


  1. 0 – 30K Words = $0.02/word
  2. 30K – 60K Words = $0.017/word
  3. 60K – 100K Words = $0.015/word
  4. 100K+ = $0.013/Word


  1. Determine the “word count” of your book or script (ie. 55,000 words)
    [ Visit ]
  2. Multiply the word count by $0.017…(1.7 Cents per word)
  3. 55000 words x $0.017 = $935 complete
  4. Message with your estimate, all scripts involved, and a finished copy of the manuscript
  5. A paypal invoice will be sent to finalize payment*
*NOTE: Cryptocurrency payments are also available upon request (Discount applies)


  1. Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Litecoin/Bitcoin (I provide a discount for using this method)

Podcast Editing & Production

Editing, Mixing and Mastering your Podcast Audio

Podcasting services range from complete production and assembly of programs, to simply cleaning the noise and adding presence and mastering. If you have a podcast, are considering starting one, or are completely lost on how to proceed, please contact me with your situation and goals, and I will do my best to help you. Pricing varies considerably based on how much work you need done, length of the audio, the level of cleaning and editing, and general logistics. Pricing starts at $10 for a 15-minute audio.

I am also available for consulting, advice or general information about podcasting. Send me a message, and let me help you get in the game! All quote are free, and have no obligation.

Turnaround Time & Delivery

When will you receive your final product?

Turnaround time and final delivery are subject to a variety of factors. Audio book recording will be based on the length of the overall work and the content involved. For example, a 10K word informational audio book is much different, than a 220K word novel, or a 50K word science textbook with complicated terminology. When an audio book project is submitted, I need to determine the complexity of the work, how we address and graphical or visual elements, and what the game plan will be.

On average, every 10K words will take a 3-5 day period to get back to you. Use this formula as a rough guide as to what to expect. This will vary based on the current queue of work, and I will advise you on that before work is started. I do my best to work quickly, and often can deliver ahead of schedule. Life and work are always subject to change, so I do my best to factor in for that.

Upon final delivery, I will address any edits or errors on my part. Script changes after the final delivery, are subject to an additional fee. If its on my end, I will edit at no cost. If the client makes changes a fee may be incurred.

Final Audio Book Information

Important Info Concerning your Audio Book

Every audio book and voice over project is different. Allow me to customize the experience, so it is most effective for your needs. Please remember the following information, and let’s put something together that you will be proud of.

  1. Always determine the word count of the script(s) you will be submitting
  2. Make sure they meet all of my content guidelines
  3. Message me and LET ME RECORD A FREE DEMO for you
  4. If I’m a good fit for your project, I will invoice and upon payment, work will begin
  5. I will advise you on delivery time, or any issues that arise
  6. I will remain in contact with you throughout and will keep you fully updated
  7. I will deliver a professional, finished product and we address any edits or finishing touches