Radio Commercial Script: Cryptobike

Have You Ever Wished You Could Invest, And Let Your Money Work For You, Instead Of You Working For Your Money? Imagine a world where you can earn extra income by sharing and letting someone else use your bike? That world is here today with cryptobike.  CryptoBike is a new dockless bike-sharing payment service for world smart cities. It is built on a decentralized, Blockchain powered bike sharing platform. Designed to enables users rent out bikes on per hour basis. Unlike other bike rental facilities, Cryptobike’s decentralized nature makes usage and renting of bike more secure, fast and economical. Enhanced with the ability to utilize cryptos and smart contracts, Cryptobike plans to address all the crucial factors plaguing the traditional sharing and rental sector like:

• Pricing
• Transparency and
• Monopoly

With Crypto Bike Share (CBS), world’s bikes will become fully automated, smart objects can be rented on demand and token payment system gets a new lease on life giving you multiple streams of income and hence financial stability.  So what are you still waiting for? Join our ICO today by investing in a Currency Powering The Bike Sharing Economy

Crypto bike share: developing the future infrastructure of the Sharing Economy.