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Live Streaming Setup

So, I finally built a new live streaming break out studio.  This new setup involved buying a bunch of new gear and furniture. With everything moving toward more of a video conferencing and live video world, it made sense to build a new breakout studio that is separate from the Whisper Room.  In a previous post, I did a video tour of my Whisper Room, where I spend 99% of my time. It’s my little 3×5 spaceship, that I record voice overs in all day.  While the Whisper Room can indeed record anything for podcast, and I have done some live video streaming from there, I wanted something a little more dedicated and tailored to that outcome.

This setup consists of a new microphone, new mixer, a ton of lighting and some music stuff as well, which I occasionally mess around with. This desk is literally right outside of the Whisper Room door.  Despite the booth being able to do anything this station can do, I felt it was important to have a dedicated place to get into the correct mindset. It’s obviously a little noisier with it not being as deeply insulated. Despite that, I can easily remove the hissing and the background noise in the final editing stages.

Thus far I have recorded some podcast episodes, done Facebook live streaming, and had Zoom Calls with friends. I am planning to do much more in terms of podcasting and serial recordings. Much like everything else in life, I need to get better at time management and planning. Just have to fight through everything to get these things done.

I hope you like this, and hope it inspires you to build cool things, even if its just for your own personal enjoyment.

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