Don’t feel like working today. No, no I do not. The beauty of freelance work is that you have no boss, no structure and no rules. While there is freedom in that, it does not mean that it is easy. It actually takes a lot more work than a standard job. Everything in life is a trade off.You trade your schedule, life and commitments for a life of freedom from the daily crap of others. In this video, I give you a little pep talk about enjoying the freelance life, but being aware of the trades you must make to get it.

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  • I think being disciplined is the hardest part for me. Fortunately, I am a night owl and usually have fewer distractions when it’s late, so it’s often my most productive time. I need to get more consistent income or I may have to go back to the rat race a while. I just can’t let that happen. Thanks for this video, Millian!

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