dont feel like working

Don't Feel Like Working Today - VIDEO

Don't feel like working today. No, no I do not. The beauty of freelance work is that you have no boss, no structure and no rules. While there is freedom in that, it does not mean that it is easy. It actually takes a lot more work than a standard job. Everything in life is a trade off
Parking Lot Annoyances

Parking Lot Annoyances - VIDEO

What happened to nice, quiet parking lots at the grocery store. Or even parking lots at any store or shopping center. Today, I just need to vent about a couple of annoyances that seem to happen every time I run errands.
Messing with My Dogs

Messing with My Dogs Today - VIDEO

Messing with my dogs while taking a break from work. It wouldn't be a complete day, if I didnt tease my dogs. My dogs are pretty much lazy, and like to lay around. That is, until food arrives.
producer millian coffee

This Coffee is Pronounced, "Delicious"

I love coffee. I love coffee in all forms, and cooked in all ways; a French Press being my favorite. Over the last few years, I have become a coffee snob of the worst kind. I used to be fine with pre-ground Yuban in a can, but modern day, that just nauseates me. I have become that guy....

Welcome from Producer Millian Quinteros

  My name is Millian Quinteros, and I am better known…