An Older Vlogger Taking a Shot at It

An older vlogger taking a shot at it. For a few years now, I have been messing around with video, and vlogging and trying to find a niche for myself. It’s pretty clear that most vlogs are a young person’s game. However, I am looking to speak to an audience of people interested in different content, different topics and different ideas. This vlog took some time to finally do, but this lays this out in a little more detail.


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  • You’re one of the first persons I see on the internet that made me wanna talk to. I’m a beginner voice actor living in Brazil and I build myself something that somewhat resembles your whisper room, a little bit smaller though. I like how you glued up everything with velcro, gives a nice touch to it!

    I saw just a tiny bit of your stuff, nothing of your work yet, because it’s late, but I’ll sure dig a little deeper. My current aspirations are to be a full time voice-actor/audio producer, and you seem like someone who managed to work your life around it. I kind of lack someone to look up to in my area here in Brazil, since there’s only two major groups: no one’s or big players. You seem like a good person, a normal person, who has a normal life and such.

    Really hope everything goes good for you, man!

    I came at your website in search for an email, then ended up in this video, and even though I’m on my late 20’s, I get you, bro. Someone’s gonna have to fix things, lol.

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