Some quick facts and information about Producer Millian

Hi, my name is Millian Quinteros, and I am a voice over artist in Las Vegas, NV. I am devoted Christian, husband, father and audio creator. I was the founder of several internet radio and podcast projects in Las Vegas, including TheCityFM, one of the city’s first dedicated podcast production studios. My services include voice over, voice acting, narrations, podcast production and anything related to the voice.

I began my career on AM and FM radio in the Philadelphia area on WNWR and WBZT respectively. My personal work with “The BlueLine: Hockey Talk Radio” led me to provide voice work for the feature film, “Stanley’s Game 7” prominently featured in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

I graduated Rowan University in 1999 and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I have  studied web design, internet technologies, paralegal studies and have trained in voice since the age of 18. I love coffee, peanut butter, Swedish Fish, Pixar movies and have an ever-present desire to travel and be on vacation. I am a huge fan and supporter of cryptocurrency, and have a special affinity for Litecoin.


Reasons why you should hire me for voice over work.

  • I absolutely love what I do! I am a voice over artist with a passion for words, language and great audio sound. In my voice over business, I work to bring that passion to every assignment I receive, and translate that into an amazing final product.
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  • I believe in over-the-top customer service. No matter the size of the order, I work to make everyone feel special and valued as a client. I like to maintain a reputation for excellence, and to have that show in every order I deliver.
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  • Communication is everything!  I make it a point to keep every client updated throughout the work process, and to assure that all  requests are being addressed. I want my clientele to be happy and retain  me as their go-to guy for audio production. I don’t want the money, I want the business. I want solid working relationships and mutual satisfaction with the finished product.
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