Welcome to Millian.com! This is the website of Millian Quinteros, aka Producer Millian. If you need voice over services, please use the button to the right, to send me a message and request a free quote and audio sample! Thanks for being here, and feel free to look around and check out all my creations!

Welcome to Producer Millian’s Website!

Producer Millian Quinteros – Voice Over – Voice Artist – Narrator

I am a professional voice over artist and my name is Millian Quinteros. I am better known by my professional name of “Producer Millian.” I would like to welcome you to my website, where you will find my voice over, audio book and various voice demos I have recorded into audio books, videos, blog posts and all of the things that I find interesting relating to all areas of voice, audio, food, faith, cryptocurrencies and life in general.

I have been voice training since the age of 18, and I’m an accomplished web designer, musician and audio producer. For the past several years, I have dedicated myself to providing the best voice over work to a wide array of clients. I believe in over-the-top customer service and always make sure to give every client above and beyond what they hire me for. I love to take care of my people, and help everyone succeed in every way possible.

A great deal of my work, along with thousands of reviews can be be found on www.fiverr.com/dominionfire. I have also completed around 1000+ audio books, which you can find listed at Amazon.com, under my name, Millian Quinteros.

In addition to voice work, I  love being creative and building a body of work. On this website, you will see videos I have made which spotlight some of the books I liked, some of the authors I have worked with, and just general life things that catch my interest. I would love to share this with you, and to build a community of followers to spend some time together, hang out a little and get away from the overwhelming and constant supply of news, politics and current events. I would like to decompress, take a breath, relax and have some fun, and I hope you do too.

Please spend some time looking around the website, and checking out my fun creations. If you have any books that you would like to convert to audio, or if you have any kinds of scripts that need a fresh and professional voice, please email me at the contact form above. I am happy to record a demo to see if I’m a good fit for your project.

Tell me what you are hoping to accomplish and I will do my best to serve you and provide a product that you are really happy with, that is done well and done right. I don’t want to just make money, I want to have your business, and help push you towards success.

Thanks and have fun!


My video vlog about life, work or whatever I feel like talking about

dont feel like working

Don’t Feel Like Working Today – VIDEO

Don't feel like working today. No, no I do not. The beauty of freelance work is that you have no boss, no structure and no rules. While there is freedom in that, it does not mean that it is easy. It actually takes a lot more work than a standard job. Everything in life is a trade off


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